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The Ocean Floor
Your Freshwater and Saltwater Fish Store

If you are looking for an exciting aquarium store near you, look no further than the Ocean Floor. We offer a wide variety of fish, aquariums, and corals in our beautiful store. From Clownfish to Cichlids, we have it all!

We have over 150 aquariums full of tropical fish, saltwater fish, freshwater fish, and a variety of corals. Our friendly staff is ready to help you find exactly what you need. Whether you just started an aquarium or are a veteran fish owner, we can set you up or show you how to step up your tank game.

Our store inventory holds quality maintenance tools, cleaning supplies, and top of the line fish food. Come check out our tank accessories and outdoor pond supplies.

We are more than an aquarium shop or tropical fish store; we are THE premier destination in Phoenix for any aquarium hobbyist. You can find us right off the I-17 and Thomas Road. Stop in and say hello to our colorful fish!

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We have a wide variety of freshwater, saltwater and tropical fish for sale. Click on the type of fish below to find what you are looking for:

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Service and Maintenance

The staff at The Ocean Floor is here to help with all facets of aquarium purchase and ownership.

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer, or you want the enjoyment of an aquarium display with none of the hassle or work involved, we can help. Our friendly, knowledgeable fish store staff is ready and eager to help bring your vision to life.

We offer many services to fit your unique needs.

a group of four skeleten corals red blue pink and yellow


Corals are a marine invertebrate that form colonies in a symbiotic relationship with other organisms like algae. They can add a unique life to an aquarium by the plethora of colors that they can inherit from the photosynthetic algae.

They tend to thrive in shallow waters in nature and can be well suited to a properly prepared aquarium. They are the primary builders of coral reefs as they slowly secrete calcium carbonate structures that allow themselves and other micro-organisms to thrive. Read more on our Corals Page.


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