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Aquarium Service & Maintenance

The staff at The Ocean Floor is here to help with all facets of aquarium purchase and ownership. This includes aquarium maintenance and aquarium service.

We can help the do-it-yourselfer types maintain their tank. If you want the enjoyment of a fish tank display with none of the hassle or work involved, we can help.

Our friendly, insightful fish store staff is ready and eager to help bring your vision to life. We offer many services to fit your unique needs.


Aquarium Service Options

Aquarium Service and maintenance plans can be scheduled to work around your particular requirements.


Scheduled Aquarium Maintenance

We can schedule monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, or anywhere in between. Our services can be basic or extensive depending on your needs.

Basic services we offer include water changing, algae cleaning, and gravel vacuuming.

Ramona maintenance using a pump to empty an aquarium barrel of water.


Regular care such as filter cleaning and media changing and supplement dosing is a breeze.

We can bring the correct products needed with us when we come to you. We also offer decoration and coral skeleton bleaching services to keep your tank looking new.


a custom aquarium built into a wall with wainscoating.A Custom aquarium built into a stucco wall with wood paneling


Aquarium Delivery

We deliver aquariums valley-wide and beyond at reasonable rates.

Aquarium Set-Up

Let us get your new tank up and running! We offer in-home setup services.

Let our team do the work so you can focus on more important things like enjoying your new Aquarium Setup!

We are the experts in anything from:

  • Undergravel Filters
  • Power Filters
  • Canister Filtration
  • Drilled In-Line
  • Sump Systems


Are You Moving?

Moving locations? No Problem. We can handle the teardown, moving, and re-installation of your aquarium(s).

Our team strives for minimal or no loss on your fish family! Just call us, give us the details, and forget about it. You can be as involved or not as you want.


Ask Our Aquarium Experts

We know tank setup and upkeep can be tricky. You’ll likely end up with more questions as you go along.

Our friendly staff will answer any questions or concerns along the way. Just give us a phone call and we’ll talk you through it.

Learn the steps necessary to set up a saltwater aquarium properly in this blog.


Easy Billing and Financing Options

We can bring all the requested products and services to your home or place of business. By presenting a credit card to your service tech, we can keep the information on file.

You will be approved all charges before they are processed so there won’t be anything unexpected showing up on your bill. We also offer financing on your new aquarium!


Enjoy Your Aquarium More

Enjoy peace of mind with The Ocean Floor aquarium service and maintenance staff. You will have an assigned technician maintaining your display.

That technician will have all the support of the largest, most complete Tropical Fish Store in the western half of the U.S!

Ocean Floor Store is staffed with a team of expert hobbyists whose passion is your success!

You will receive updates with every visit so you can keep up with progress and concerns. Let The Ocean Floor in Phoenix turn your aquatic dreams into reality!

Looking to purchase fish for your aquarium? Check out what types of fish we have available for sale! We have many kinds of saltwater and freshwater fish ready to go home with you!

Ocean Floor Recommended Aquarium Maintenance Schedule

Protect your investment with these periodic checks and maintenance tasks.


  • Visual inspection of your fish during feeding. Watch for behavioral changes and signs of stress or disease, as they may indicate a potential problem.
  • Listen to, and look at your equipment to ensure that it is operating correctly.
  • Check the temperature of the water.
  • Feed your fish twice each day.
  • Watch to see that all fish are eating. Remove any remaining food after 10 minutes.


Every Week:

  • Monitor the number of fish in your aquarium. Death and decomposition can result in increases in nitrates and ammonia levels.


Twice Monthly:

  • Change between 15 and 20 percent of the water in your tank.
  • Wash or vacuum your gravel.
  • Clean algae from the inside walls of your aquarium.
  • Rinse out your filter cartridge(s)


Every Month:          

  • Filter maintenance: replace inserts, floss, carbon, and cartridges.
  • Check the aquarium light for correct operation
  • Check all of your connections, skimmers, and tubes for proper operation.

By following this regular schedule of aquarium maintenance you will be able to enjoy your aquarium and fish for many years to come.

If you run into any problems or have questions about aquarium maintenance in Phoenix or any other area, or need help troubleshooting an issue, please give us a call.



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