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Fish For Sale

We have a wide variety of fish for sale. Click on the type of fish below to find what you are looking for:

Freshwater Fish
We have 10,000 gallons in 160 tanks containing freshwater fish for sale. Explore all the varieties of beautiful fish for your aquarium. Visit our page for freshwater fish.

Saltwater Fish
We put a special emphasis on Saltwater fish. Visit our 500-gallon central salt water display tank and envision a salt water environment in your home.  Visit this page for saltwater fish selections

Cichlids comprise the largest family of freshwater fish and display great diversity and beautiful colors. Visit cichlids for choices available, 

Coldwater Fish
Cold Water and Cool Water Fish add a new dimension to the aquarium experience. Temperate climates produce unique and colorful varieties. Take a look at coldwater fish for available varieties.

Community Fish
Within the Community category, you have a wide variety of species with differing levels and types of aggression. A challenge but The Ocean Floor has the experience to help you make the selections.  Click here to go to community fish.

Miscellaneous Aggressive Fish
Aggressive fish are interesting and exciting, but merit special attention because of the unique way they interact within the Aquarium.  The Ocean Floor has the expertise to navigate the unique aquarium with miscellaneous aggressive fish.



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