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Miscellaneous Aggressive Fish

Freshwater Lionfish

Freshwater Lionfish

Some fish would fit within Community guidelines if it weren’t for their usually overly aggressive behavior. This behavior merits a completely separate categorical description because of the unique way they interact within the Aquarium. Aggressive fish in this category are not tolerant of any fish that it could fit in its mouth or that it perceives could fit but sometimes tolerate an uneasy cohabitation with similarly sized tankmates. Therefore they are not suitable for a Community Aquarium where a variety of types and sizes of fish coexist. Many unrelated species fall into this category and are found in varying geographic areas of differing water parameters. Care should also be taken to ensure that the correct size of Aquarium is used for their environment to avoid complications in physiology and behavior. The Ocean Floor carries a large selection of Miscellaneous Aggressive species spread around in the Semi-Aggressive and Aggressive/Cichlid tanks where they can cohabitate with similarly sized fish. Read about Best Freshwater Fish Combinations here. 


If you are looking for Juvenile or Adult Aggressive Fish, The Ocean Floor should be your first stop. We regularly stock Juvenile and Sub-Adult Aggressive Fish and consistently have a large, ever-rotating selection of Adults available.


Some of the species commonly found available at The Ocean Floor are:
• Arowana
• Freshwater Lionfish or Stonefish
• Certain Catfish (South American Redtail, Asian Redtail, Lima Shovelnose, Tiger Shovelnose)
• Payara (Sabertooth)
• Needlefish
• Peacock Bass Cichlids


Though the practice of turning a bite-sized tankmate into lunch is common among all fish, individuals in this category grow large enough for it to endanger most fish. These fish are also carnivores and require a diet of mostly meat. Definitely not fish for the average armchair fishkeeper, these predators enjoy a hardcore following of hobbyists that rivals that of Cichlid enthusiasts. If you’re thinking big and aggressive, you’ll find it at the Ocean Floor! If we don’t immediately have what you are looking for in stock, let us track it down and order it for you!



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